Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

Advantages of Gleim CIA Review System:

  • Most comprehensive CIA Review System available in the market.
  • Expertly authored by professional educators – Easy to use and understand.
  • Gives you a competitive advantage over your peers with its systematic and thorough review of all material tested on the CIA exam.
  • Gleim method does not involve guessing about what will appear on the next CIA exam. You will be prepared for any and all questions.
  • Extensive test bank – over 3,600 multiple-choice questions
  • Unlimited customizable Practice Exams
  • Multi-platform testing and review - Caters to all learning styles and experience levels
  • Intuitive, customizable Study Planner
  • Access Until You Pass™*

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Sr. # Components Description CIA Review
Textbooks The Gleim CIA Review book contains 7 study units in Part 1, 7 study units in Part 2 and 20 study units in Part 3. Each study unit includes comprehensive outlines with examples, multiple-choice questions and essay questions. All questions have detailed answer explanations for correct and incorrect answers.
Test Prep Software (Question Bank) Gleim Test Prep is the largest CIA Exam test bank available on the market and includes thousands of exam-emulating, IIA-released multiple choice questions from prior years’ exams.

  • You can practice multiple-choice questions in study mode as well as practice exam mode.
  • Study sessions give you immediate feedback as you answer questions.
  • Practice exams simulate a real exam environment. You will not know which questions you have answered correctly until the session is graded.
  • The Performance Analysis feature of this software enables you to view grade reports, session statistics and history information of all previous sessions.
  • You can also create new review sessions – under study or exam mode – from history to help you concentrate and improve on weak areas.
Digital Book Gleim digital books containing comprehensive outlines and examples can be downloaded in pdf format into your laptop, notebook or smartphone. You can carry them to read anywhere - on the bus, train, car, airplane and waiting in line - without worrying about their weight and space constraints.
Audio-Visual Presentation Audio-Visual presentations are very useful in the learning process as they facilitate easy understanding of difficult topics. Besides, audio-visual are great tools to catch candidate’s attention, and help them to get involved into the learning process with ease.
Gleim Instruct Video Series These videos feature lectures given by experienced professional educators who are currently teaching at accredited universities across the United States. The Gleim Instruct professors cover the concepts on a few topics which are found to be most difficult.

Provided as complementary on select concepts.
Available for select topics
True/False Study Questions True or False series that provided at the end of each study unit helps you to reinforce the concepts you have already studied.
Multiple-Choice Quiz Take the Diagnostic Quiz to determine your current abilities. This tool helps you to identify your weak areas and also helps you to determine how much time you need to devote to studying particular topic areas.
Audio Review (Downloadable) Audio lectures are an excellent way to learn the material you need for the CIA Exam during non-traditional study time or when you're on the go.

The Gleim CIA audio review series consists of one 20- to 30-minute lecture for each study unit covering the core concepts of the exam.

This lecture series is available for download or streaming. Download available for desktops and laptops so that files can be transferred to your mobile device or mp3 player.
Exam Rehearsal It provides candidates with a comprehensive final review through testing that emulates the actual test-taking experience.

  • After taking the Gleim Exam Rehearsal, you will know where to focus your review during the final days before the actual exam –question answering techniques, time management, specific content areas, etc.
  • In addition, the experience of taking Pearson VUE-emulating Exam Rehearsal will help you feel more comfortable and prepared on test day.
  • It includes recent IIA-released multiple-choice questions.
Online Access - Expiration Your electronic/online material will update automatically in the event of a new edition or content changes.

As long as his/her online access is active, the candidate is entitled for replacement book(s) for the exam(s) not yet passed whenever a new edition is released. The candidate has to pay only the shipping cost.
Personal Counselors The Gleim Personal Counselors are experienced, knowledgeable experts who can advise you on everything from how much study time you need to which parts to take first. They can also answer any questions you have about the exam process or the exam itself. Until You Pass
Access to Accounting Experts For Content-Specific Questions, Gleim has an efficient and effective way to submit an inquiry and receive a response regarding Gleim materials.

  • Utilize the “Submit Question Feedback” link that appears beneath the answer explanations of all questions in Gleim online, Test Prep, Exam Rehearsals, Diagnostic Quizzes.
Study Planner The Gleim Study Planner is interactive and fully integrated with your Review System. It provides a customized study plan – based on your goals and time available – and identifies your weak and strong areas.

  • It is easy to get started with the Gleim Study Planner.
  • Just tell Gleim when you want to take the exam, how many hours a week you have available to study, and any days you are not able to study.
  • We will calculate your Study Unit due dates and send you reminders when you fall behind.

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

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