“I was enrolled with another leading CPA course provider but could not clear the FAR as there was no real person to discuss the questions with. Thankfully, I was referred by my colleague to try Gleim. If I am to sum up my experience with Gleim, I can definitely say that CPA would not have been possible with my schedule if I did not have Concorde’s tutoring and excellent material from Gleim. Gleim is better than any other leading CPA course provider in the market, both in terms of quality and the price. I recommend Gleim and Concorde to anyone who seriously wishes to pursue this designation but doesn’t know how to.”



“My experience with Gleim Concorde has been extremely fulfilling and it has been of immense help for me in pursuing the CPA exam.

The team at Concorde is very helpful, prompt and responsive especially Satish Sir, Bhushan Sir and Roshni. They provided me great assistance in making the application, studying for the exam and resolving my queries. The Gleim Question Bank of MCQ and Simulation is the most comprehensive and plays a pivotal role for better understanding and being 100% prepared for the exam. Even the flash cards are extremely handy and is an excellent summary useful for second review.

The entire course material and exam assistance is at a very reasonable price vis-a-vis other review courses.”



“One year back never dreamed that I would be CPA, but by attending the first lecture at Concorde-Gleim CPA class in Mumbai, I had a feeling that I am proceeding in right direction!!! With all the guidance from the excellent faculty, appropriate knowledge based Gliem CPA study material, all the help regarding procedures from Bhushan Sir and his team, I could complete the course successfully. The whole experience of attending Concorde and also exams appearance was wonderful and encouraging. A big THANK YOU to all of you at Concorde Academics !!!”



“The Concorde-Gleim CPA Review provided me complete study material to prepare for the CPA(USA) examination. More than 6000 MCQs, 100 Simulation questions, True and False leaves least scope for any conceptual miss out. Online video recording allowed me to access study material at any time and from anywhere. I really liked Gleim Performance History tab that kept record of all my practice sessions and keeping a tag on all question which I answered incorrectly during practice, in my last revisions I reviewed only these questions. I would suggest all students must practice questions at least twice before appearing for the exams. Over 1 year I was able to clear all 4 papers along with my job. I would recommend the Concorde-Gleim CPA review system to anyone pursuing CPA from USA.

My CPA Scores:
REG - 82
BEC - 86
AUD - 84
FAR - 79


showing 14 out of 17