“I earned CGMA, the Chartered Global Management Accountant, American CPA and an active CPA license from Guam Board of Accountancy, the USA. My happiness knows no bound.

I am thankful and obliged to every member of Concorde Academics for having given me guidance and support from time to time. It was not possible for me to get these degrees & license without their motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, I made lot of correspondence with Gleim USA and they never let me down.

I think the candidates should have a belief in Concorde Acadamics led by Mr. Shashank Mundle and Mr. Satish Prabhu. They are brilliant and well supported by Ashok, Bhushan, Roshni and others. Nothing is impossible. I heard whatever they said and got it right through practise and perseverance.

To quote Shakespeare,

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant(brave) never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come."

Go, fight and you will get it and see the difference the CPA degree creates in your career.”

  American CPA, Global CMA, Indian CA,
  Alumni of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, & JBIMS, Mumbai, India


“Concorde has proven to be a great decision for me. The teachers are very thorough and updated and possess a very personalised teaching style. And the Gleim review course is one of the best out there. The practice MCQs and TBSs are more than enough to ensure success in the exam. And the answer explanations are very helpful. I am very glad to have chosen the Concorde-Gleim CPA Review. ”



“Hi All... I am now a qualified CMA(USA). I am really thankful to V.V. Sir for his teaching method... Even though I didn't get enough time to do all MCQ. I really appreciate his hard work for supporting us... And I am very much thankful to the Manjunath Sir also for all the motivation and support from the beginning... I really appreciate the Concorde-Gleim CMA to find a talented teacher for us... I can't express my gratitude to V.V. Sir and Manjunath Sir. Please don't miss any class... Please follow the methods which are given by V.V. Sir....It will help you a lot in the exam. Thank you Manjunath Sir for your support and inspiration and for taking regular updates from us...without you both I could have not able to qualify CMA. Thank you all.”



“Really glad and elated to clear my CPA exams !!!

The Gleim study kit is a very comprehensive study material and the flash cards is an amazing study tool. The Gleim Audio/Video, online Smart Adapt Technology (Mock Tests) and the Concorde live lectures all helped me in my CPA journey.

Lot of credit goes to Bhushan for his initial help in registration, documentation,etc., Ashok for Visa preparation, Roshni for all other admin related help and all the wonderful professors because of whom learning Concepts became easier. Really thankful to all of them.

Most importantly I want to thank all the batch mates (few of them became really good friends) for their help to my smallest of queries.
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey ...amazing experience...cheers...!!!
Thank you Team Concorde !!

My Scores: AUD - 80, BEC - 83, FAR - 77, REG - 77”


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